Locksmith Brno

We will come to you within 25 minutes

Opening closed (slammed) doors

complet price CZK 1000
transport in Brno FREE


Locksmith Brno

You can pay by card !

Transport in Brno FREE

We don't just open, we also repair on-site, unlike some of our competitors, and we can even make a copy of your keys on-site. We routinely have inserts, locks, handles, hardware, and we can repair or secure everything on-site. 

Opening closed doors

Just don't despair. It happens very often. Call our locksmith and wait a while. If you need to open a door that you accidentally slammed, a locksmith Brno is here for you. At any time. Evening and weekend fee is from CZK 500.

CZK 1000

A broken key? Lost mailbox keys, etc.? No panic.

We can manage it with this, we will come to your location and gently open the door or mailbox for you. In the case of a broken key, without the need to replace the cylinder or lock.

from CZK 600

Opening a locked door

Do you have a locked door and lost your keys? Or someone stole them? No panic and call our locksmith.

CZK 1250

Opening cars

Are your keys stuck in your car? No problem, we can open any car, whether it is a Skoda or Volkswagen, or older cars or, on the contrary, newer or more luxurious cars. Through the lock or door and without damage. Trust our company - locksmith Brno and we will help you and open it.

from CZK 1200

Key production

Do you need to replace the cylinder and cut 30 keys? Or just add more copies of keys? Mobile key production is here for you. You don't have to go anywhere else, just call us.

from CZK 85

No transport fee in Brno

We offer free transport in Brno and its surroundings, so you will not pay any extra additional fees. 


How are we different?

We don´t just open,
we also repair.

We arrive really fast and on time. We will bring all the stuff, i.e. handles, locks, fittings. We are able to replace, repair or temporarily fix everything on-site so that you can function normally.

7 exit points 

Currently we have 6 exit points in Brno and one exit point in Pohořelice. So we are local everywhere and we are immediately in your area. Brno - Bystrc
Brno - Žabovřesky, Brno - Pisárky. Brno - centre
Brno - Židenice, Brno - Líšeň

Liability insurance

Whatever happens, no panic, we are insured for damages up to CZK 500,000.

Third party remote payment option

In case you don´t have enough money, your loved one can pay by card instead of you - we will send online payment instructions via SMS. It is necessary to pay in advance, before the intervention itself.

Favourable prices

Our prices are more favourable compared to our competitors, we offer lower transports, website and operation costs because we manage the website ourselves, and these advantages can then be reflected in the price for locksmith services.

Contracting partner of insurance companies

Our quality is proven by our contractual relationship with the assistance service of the largest insurance company in the Czech Republic. What other guarantee of reliability and professionalism do we have? 

How our customers rate us - translated from Czech

Martin Roučka

On time, helpful and hassle free and for a weekend evening it was good value for money, thanks 🙂

Jan Dvoracek

Very helpful locksmith. He arrived within 30min and the slammed door was open within 10s. Thank you!

Martin Pražan

Good agreement and price. Mr. locksmith arrived quite quickly. Everything went as expected. Thanks again:)

Veronika Matějková

Very fast arrival, helpfulness, problem solving. For a good price.



Our locksmith shop operates not only in Brno, but also in its surroundings. We are able to arrive across South Moravia, Brno and its surroundings at no extra charge for transport. So if you are not directly from Brno, no problem. 



I lost my keys and I need to open the door.
I have a slammed door and I need to open it.
I have a locked door and I need to open it.
I have keys on the other side and I need to open the door.
I have a broken key in the key insert and I need to get it out of the door.
My lock is stuck and I need to open the door.
I can't unlock the lock in the door with my key.
My lock is broken and I am trapped in my apartment, I need help.
I need to fix a broken lock after a break-in.
I need to fix my door after a break-in.

Our locksmith will come to you usually within 25 minutes. We currently have several exit points in Brno and one exit point in Pohořelice, so that we can arrive at your place as soon as possible. You can pay in cash or by card.

Locksmith Brno Locksmith Brno Locksmith Brno